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Tradentrix has an exclusive agreement with IPC Systems Inc. that, for the first time, will enable trading and brokerage operations to fully leverage cloud infrastructure utilizing Tradentrix’s high-availability and highly-secure network infrastructure.

This gives traders and brokers cloud based infrastructure for state-of-the-art trading turrets allowing them to customize their trading solutions and host their critical voice communications, recording systems, PBX system, data, applications and desktop workstations. Get the details.

This unprecedented hosted IPC trading turret solution allows the customer to bundle together their turret infrastructure and other computing resources such as servers and virtual workstations and have them hosted offsite in the Tradentrix high availability infrastructure.  This gives trade floor operators the best of all worlds.  They eliminate the large up front capital expenditures associated with on premises data center and turret back room equipment, they have dramatically improved flexibility around adding positions or even additional offices without the complexity and expense normally associated with such activities and they get the benefits of Disaster Recovery functions and ability to conform to regulatory requirements while having to deal with only one vendor and one set of SLAs.

Benefits of a cloud-based turret system:

  • Cost effective, flexible operating model
  • Customized solution
  • Built specifically for securities and trading/brokerage firms
  • Solves regulatory conformance
  • Highly secure platform
  • Minimal capital expenditure and no ongoing maintenance overhead
  • Built in disaster recovery plan
  • Flexibility to bundle direct voice lines and trading turrets or can be deployed on an “as needed basis”
  • Quick implementations with stand-by technical support staff

Frequently Asked Questions from the C-suite

Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Yes, in a hosted solution, you never have to worry about your maintenance and upkeep of the systems. Whether it is a phone issue or a network service issue, a team of experts is there 24/7 to make sure that your systems are always running and allowing you to transact business. From an income statement perspective the expenses go to OPEX versus CAPEX allowing you to more effectively use your capital. In the software world that we are now in, all software updates and patching are administered to your systems automatically.

Will this hosted solution help build efficiencies?

Yes, all aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity are considered so that you are always in compliance whether you are using hard turrets or the Omni soft turret. Opening a new office or allowing your traders and brokers to do business while on the road is made possible with Tradentrix’s Hosted IPC Mobile Cloud solution. In affect they have their trading communications no matter whether in the office or on the road. Voice recording, active monitoring of the system and the ability to control a system remotely allow the company full control over the system meeting or exceeding compliance mandates. Deployment and maintenance of system is seamless without you needing staff to deploy and maintain. We stake our reputation on your being up on Monday morning and not subject to the internet being down.

How can you fix broken processes?

Tradentrix fixes broken processes by onboarding our clients with great care. The Tradentrix hosted IPC service was built by professionals from the trading and brokerage community. Leadership within the organization has had a presence in the trading industry for over 20 years and has allowed Tradentrix to develop best practices to resolves issues on a timely basis. Tradentrix engineers and project managers are experts in best practices with regard to implementation, business continuity and disaster recovery, network services and maintenance of your systems. Our processes have been honed by years of experience and are executed with via our services desk in a Tier 4 collocation facility. The Tradentrix goal is to keep you 100 percent operational.

How much money will this save my company?

Aside from shifting the costs from CAPEX to OPEX on your income statement, it is not uncommon to see significant savings when one factors in all hard and soft costs associated with keeping a trading system operational. Adding trading positions is easily quantifiable and can be done in days. The implementation of a Tradentrix’s Hosted IPC mobile cloud software solution in particular will allow you to enter new or emerging markets with faster deployments to pursue opportunities in real time with a lower total cost of ownership while mitigating operational risks.

How will this solution aid company growth?

Tradentrix has an “always up” philosophy to allow you to take trading decisions anytime and anywhere. Active monitoring of your systems insures that your counterparties will always be able to reach you protecting your brand. In the event of a natural disaster, power outage or other unforeseen event, you will need to make fast decisions, cover your financial positions and let customers know what’s happening. Business continuity plans consider your traders and trading partners, allowing for seamless communications with all security, policy control and adherence to risk and compliance procedures — wherever you are operating from. According to Forrester the top causes of downtime are mundane events, not disasters. The Tradentrix team operationally prepares for the worst so that you can keep your business growing.

Top causes of downtime are mundane events, not disasters

“What was the cause(s) of your most significant disaster declaration(s) or major business disruption?”

Operational Failures

Power Failure

IT Hardware Failure

Network Failure

IT Software Failure

Natural Disasters




Winter Storm


Human-caused Events

Human Error


Security – Malicious Outsider

Malicious Insider

Chemical Spill


Base: 94 global disaster recovery decision-makers and influencers (does not include “don’t know” responses; multiple responses accepted)

Source: Forrester/Disaster Recovery Journal November 2013 Global Disaster Recovery Preparedness Online Survey

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