Tradentrix has an exclusive agreement with IPC Systems Inc. that,  for the first time, will enable trading and brokerage operations to fully leverage cloud infrastructure utilizing Tradentrix’s high availability and highly secure network infrastructure.  This gives traders and brokers cloud based infrastructure for state of the art trading turrets allowing them to customize their trading solutions and host their critical voice communications, recording systems, PBX system, data, applications and desktop workstations.

This unprecedented hosted IPC trading turret solution allows the customer to bundle together their turret infrastructure and other computing resources such as servers and virtual workstations and have them hosted offsite in the Tradentrix high availability infrastructure.  This gives trade floor operators the best of all worlds.  They eliminate the large up front capital expenditures associated with on premises data center and turret back room equipment, they have dramatically improved flexibility around adding positions or even additional offices without the complexity and expense normally associated with such activities and they get the benefits of Disaster Recovery functions and ability to conform to regulatory requirements while having to deal with only one vendor and one set of SLAs.

Benefits of a cloud-based turret system:

  • Cost effective, flexible operating model
  • Customized solution
  • Built specifically for securities and trading/brokerage firms
  • Solves regulatory conformance
  • Highly secure platform
  • Minimal capital expenditure and no ongoing maintenance overhead
  • Built in disaster recovery plan
  • Flexibility to bundle direct voice lines and trading turrets or can be deployed on an "as needed basis"
  • Quick implementations with stand-by technical support staff

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