Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Business continuity (BC)...Disaster recovery planning (DR)...Where do you start?

Living and working in the gulf states area forces us to address the issues of BC/DR.  Disaster recovery (DR) is the process of recovering IT systems and processes after a major catastrophe.  Business continuity (BC) planning suggests more of an avoidance or a proactive approach to mitigating the IT risks and continuing to operate and do business before, during and after a major disaster or small system failure.  At Tradentrix, we like to focus our efforts more on the BC side.

Tradentrix’s engineering team have experienced disasters first-hand and have worked with companies to recover after those events.  We like to focus on technologies that assist IT departments in mitigating the risks in their critical systems.  Some examples of these technologies include replication (SAN or host-based), backup software and hardware, virtualization, and hosted or what is now more commonly known as "cloud computing" solutions.  Let us know how we can help your organization avoid a disaster before it strikes.

The Tradentrix  BC and DR plans can be customized to fit your organizations specific needs;

  • Backups of virtual or physical servers utilizing the Tradentrix Network core as your companies replication site
  • Offsite flexible data storage and backup options
  • Fully hosted virtual networks that completely eliminate the need for onsite computing and data storage freeing your organization from the limitations and risk of premises based IT equipment.
  • Tradentrix can provide a “health check” to asses your current network and help you eliminate or greatly reduce operational risk.

We can greatly reduce the risk of an “adverse event” with our Business Continity and Disaster recover solutions. 

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